Center for the Science of Early Trajectories

An infant in an incubator undergoing phototherapy

The SET Center is advancing science to establish biomarkers to track and optimize organ development for our patients aged 0 to 99

In the United States every year, 1 in 10 infants are born prematurely, or before 37 weeks of gestational age. These infants must continue their development from the moment they are born in an incubator rather than in the womb. They have a higher risk of disease both while in the NICU and after they graduate from our care. Since the root cause of these ailments is underdevelopment or maldevelopment of major organs, enhancement to the normal trajectory of development is the answer. The SET Center is researching premature infants to better our understanding of human development for all children by identifying biomarkers for organ development throughout the life course. Through advancing our understanding of development, the SET Center aims to ensure that every child is set for life by optimizing developmental trajectories for health and well-being.

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